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IMG_8283Photography can be a profession, hobby, or just a way to capture the many memories in progress in life. No matter what the reasoning behind the photo, knowing a few great tips about photography can help you get the clear, crisp pictures that you hope for.
The individual photography tutoring sessions are personalized sessions that are intended to help photographers where they might be struggling with specific aspects of photography. The goal of the tutoring session is that we cover specific questions you have, and go over any challenges you are experiencing in photography. You are also encouraged to bring in images (either on a usb drive or on a laptop/handheld device) that might provide insight into your needs. Having this information will allow me to personalize the tutoring session to make the most of the time available.
These sessions typically last 3 hours.


travel and enjoy photography

…the journey never ends…

Adventure photography offers unique photographic opportunities, as well as some specific challenges. The photographer is often involved in the activity while photographing it. Expect to get wet, dirty, cold, hot and wind-blasted, but the images will be worth it! The planned destinations for the upcoming adventure photography as per the Upcoming Events.

Unique destination requests via email for special arrangements.


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